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How We’re Different
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CED Testimonials

The patients in the Testimonials list below have had the same procedure displayed in the
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From: Nancy Eisen
To: Prabha Shanbhag
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 6:16 PM
Subject: Re: Message from Dr. Schiffer's office

Hi Prabha and Dr. Schiffer,
We think of you often. Jonathan is doing well. He has moved back to Dallas and wants to be a commodities trader. Go figure. Right now he is working two jobs as waiters and plans on moving to Chicago in the next few years to pursue his real passion of trading. As far as the headaches go, he functions very well and has not had any trouble with the surgery. He has moved passed all of that and onto bigger and better things. He goes to the gym quite often, plays basketball with friends, carries trays, and takes care of his dog. We rarely see him as he is working all the time. His physical problems do not seem to impede him in any way. We thank you again and again for all you have done for him.
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October 13, 2003

Dear Dr. Schiffer,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for giving my son's life back to him. Without the CED operation that you performed in December of 2002 my son would be in a different place than he is today. Today he is at college doing all the things that a normal 19-year-old boy would do. He is going to classes and getting up without any sign of pain or headaches. He is interacting with friends and enjoying the life that most college students do. In addition, I would like to share our story with others that may be looking for answers as we were and have stumbled upon your website.

Our story begins on August 10, 2000 when my son and his father were rear ended by a teenage driver. My son and husband were stopped at the light when the driver hit them from behind going approximately 40 miles per hour. Shortly after that my son experienced headaches, which we contributed to whiplash. His headaches continued to get worse over the next twelve months. These headaches would escalate into migraines and were so debilitating that my son was eventually put on homebound instruction by his school district. There was serious concern as to whether he would even graduate on time.

We consulted with several doctors and finally it was discovered that he had a herniated disc from this accident at C7-T1. We immediately went to a neurosurgeon for a consultation only to be told that he could not be sure that this was the cause of the headaches and that the idea of fusion (the only operation he does) was out of the question for my son. We continued to search for answers and finally came upon Dr. Schiffer’s website. After sending Dr. Schiffer the films and speaking to others that had had his procedure, we went to see Dr. Schiffer in December of 2002. Dr. Schiffer was extremely thorough in his evaluation and even discovered things that other doctors had not. (By this time we had been to many local neurologists, headache specialists and clinics, and neurosurgeons in the area). Dr. Schiffer did a disco gram that was not at all the scary procedure we had been warned about and it was decided based on his findings that the surgery was warranted.

My son proceeded to have the surgery at the Black Hawk Surgery center. We were amazed at how little pain medication he required afterwards and how good he felt immediately following the procedure. After just a few hours in recovery we went back to the hotel where he only required one darvocet for his pain. We were shocked that he didn’t ask for any thing more.

We returned to Dallas the next day. The recovery went very well and over the next three to six months the headaches gradually subsided. Today, 10 months after surgery, he has no complaints of headaches and we rarely mention this part of his life. It is in the past and he has moved on. He is now enjoying and will be able to continue to enjoy a normal life.

I would be willing to tell anyone and everyone about our experiences with Dr. Schiffer and his staff. They are truly the most caring people that you could ever ask for. Please feel free to call or email me about our experiences. Thank you again Dr. Schiffer for giving my son back his life.


Dean & Nancy Eisen

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