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If you believe in excellent medical care with personal attention provided by an experienced and world renowned surgeon and his caring staff, you have found the right clinic! Our goal is to give personalized, top quality medical care to each and every patient. Unlike other clinics, we do not overbook our schedule for office visits or surgeries. PATIENTS ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER TO US. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT EACH AND EVERY PATIENT DESERVES PROPER TIME AND CARE... [more]

How We’re Different
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CED Testimonials

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July 18, 2001


Approximately 15 months ago, I took a spill on the ice while enjoying a recreational morning of ice-skating with my kids. Some two weeks later, I woke up with shooting pains down my arm, neck stiffness, deep muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders, and numbness in my forearm and thumb. Much to my dismay, I also experienced muscle weakness as evidenced by my feeble attempts to open jars, etc. My doctor ordered a CAT Scan for me with negative results. He said perhaps I strained some muscles and was experiencing some peripheral nerve damage. He ordered physical therapy for me, and I sought chiropractic help. Although I did get some minimal improvement over time, I knew something was wrong, and I was frustrated and upset. Several months later, I called my physician and expressed my desire to have further testing done (I learned the importance of listening to your own body!). As it turned out, my chiropractor was able to get me in earlier for an MRI, and a few days later, I learned I had herniated disc at my C5-C6 level. Relieved to have a diagnosis, I was referred to a neurosurgeon for his expert opinion and a recommended course of action.

In early May 2001, I saw this neurosurgeon’s assistant (PA). He went over things with me and discussed having an interior cervical discectomy with fusion. I was very concerned when he explained this procedure, as it sounded rather invasive. I am the kind of person who isn’t willing to “settle” for the first thing that comes along, and since I had waited this long, I figured there would be merit in further research. That was the smartest move I made. After spending considerable time on the Internet, my search engine led me to Dr. Schiffer’s web site. I was very fascinated and impressed with the CED procedure. It offered several advantages over the so-called “gold classic” traditional surgery. First of all, no bone plug or hardware (metal plates/screws) eliminates the rejection factor. Secondly, when you take out a soft, spongy disc, a “shock absorber” if you will, and replace it with hard bone, you not only lose mobility, but you put additional stress on the adjacent discs. The potential is there to subject yourself to further herniations. You also open yourself up to scar tissue and arthritic complications down the road. So even if the anterior cervical discectomy with fusion offered a quick fix, it had some nasty, long-term side effects I was not willing to embrace. I called Dr. Schiffer’s office, and got the ball rolling with appropriate X-rays and paperwork. Dr. Schiffer placed a personal call to me after evaluating all my record and informed me I was an ideal candidate for his CED procedure-one that was far superior to a fusion. I was elated!

On June 16, my husband and I flew to San Jose, California. It was the first time in California for us, so we built in an extra day to do a little sightseeing. The views were breathtaking. We traveled along the San Francisco Bay area, including China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and spent some lovely time in Sausalito (Dr. Schiffer later told us we should check out Carmel, if we’re ever fortunate enough to venture back. I’m sure we someday will!). On Monday, June 18, I went to my pre-op appointment, and was welcomed with friendly, helpful staff. Dr. Schiffer was most reassuring, and I knew I had made the right decision. The day of my surgery went without a hitch. Everyone was very kind at the Blackhawk Surgery Center. The procedure lasted approximately 45 minutes. When I woke up, I had no pain, and only minimal discomfort. We went to Denny’s for breakfast, and then rested in our hotel room. The next day, at my post-op appointment, it was determined I had already regained some muscular strength in my arm, and I could feel some sensations flow through my right arm. We stopped at the San Jose Flea Market and walked around for about 1-1/2 hours before getting back to the airport.

It’s four weeks later. As I mentioned, I’ve regained some muscular strength (no trouble opening jars!). I have no pain. I noticed that my dizziness has left. I’ve regained sensation in my right forearm, and only have some tingling in my thumb. I am hopeful over time I will regain complete sensation in my thumb, as I love music, play instruments, and so much value my sense of touch! I am experiencing some minimal discomfort with muscle soreness and occasional spasms, but Dr. Schiffer has reassured me that’s all part of normal postoperative experience. There’s some swelling after surgery, which is tolerable and so much less physical trauma to the body than the fusion procedure. The physical therapy is very enjoyable and soothing, as I am receiving hot packs and massages!

I would recommend Dr. Schiffer without hesitation. He is a brilliant physician, and will take good care of you. I’m so happy I went this route. It’s my body, it’s my life. We deserve all the best. Dr. Schiffer literally and figuratively gave me a reason to hold my head high again!

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Kolk
Fremont, Michigan

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