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How We’re Different:

If you believe in excellent medical care with personal attention provided by an experienced and world renowned surgeon and his caring staff, you have found the right clinic! Our goal is to give personalized, top quality medical care to each and every patient. Unlike other clinics, we do not overbook our schedule for office visits or surgeries. PATIENTS ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER TO US. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT EACH AND EVERY PATIENT DESERVES PROPER TIME AND CARE... [more]

How We’re Different
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LED Testimonials

The patients in the Testimonials list below have had the same procedure displayed in the
video above.

Dear Dr. Schiffer and Staff,

On October 24, 2002 I had a lumbar endoscopic discectomy. I just wanted to write to you and your staff about how wonderful everything is one year after the surgery.

I think my favorite words are “I’m back!” I’m my old, goofy self again, except now there’s 40 pounds less of me!

Because of how wonderful I feel I decided to get back in to shape and ride my bicycle competitively. I suffered a minor set back in May however; I was hit head on by a car while riding my bike. Believe it or not, I made it out of that with some major road rash, but that’s it. My back is still in great shape. After the accident, I concentrated even more
on losing weight and gaining strength. I’m now down to 160 pounds (from 200 at the time of surgery) and I feel very fast on the bike again. In March I’ll start racing in the amateur ranks again, more fit and faster than ever.

Mentally I’m 100% again. I never realized how much my back problem had affected my life. Last year I missed my neice’s first birthday, Thanksgiving, and my wife’s birthday
(all within a span of two weeks). This year I was able to celebrate all those wonderful occasions without pain. Thank you for making that possible.

Please keep up the great work you’re doing. I don’t think one can put a price on what you do. I’ll never forget you and your wonderful staff for changing my life for the better.

My endless gratitude,

Alan Gale

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